Frequently Asked Questions

What serial hardware is supported by CIMCO?
Most standard serial hardware is supported. Hardware from Moxa, Digi, Quatech and Sena are all supported.

Will DNC-Max work with network based controllers?
Yes. We have protocol ports to support FTP , Windows networked and NFS based machines.

With CIMCO Edit using a USB to serial convertor I could send programs to my machine, but now it doesn’t work.
Make sure the USB to serial convertor is plugged into the same USB port each time. Windows can change the Com port number if you use a different USB port.

I need to reinstall CIMCO but I don’t have the software anymore.
Send an email to with your company details and we send a link for you to download the software.

I have reinstalled CIMCO and now I need a new activation key.
Please contact your reseller to have the activation reset.

I have a CIMCO Editor supplied with Mastercam and it is very slow to start.
Some users using Mastercam with a Nethasp experience this problem. Get your Mastercam reseller to contact CIMCO for a solution.

How do I transfer the NC Assistant macros I have written to another computer?
The macros are stored in the .mac files located in C:CIMCOCIMCOEdit6Types. Copy these files to the new computer. You can also set a network location for the files so other users can use them. This is found under Global Setup – Plugins. Click here for screenshot

I have CIMCO NFS supplied with my CNC Machine and now need to update my PC to Windows 7 or Server 2008.
Please contact CIMCO at for an update.

When I try to backplot an NC file in CIMCO Edit Professional nothing is shown on the screen.
Try running the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable. This can be found in C:CIMCOCIMCOEdit6Sysvcredist_x86.exe. You may need to restart your PC after the install.

I installed DNC-Max as an Administrator in Windows and when I log on as a User DNC-Max does not start.
Log on to Windows as an Administrator and give All Users Read/Write Access to the CIMCO install folder (normally C:CIMCO).

We want give our old controls an IP address. Is that possible?
The communication with old controls will usually be serial RS232. If you want to assign an IP address to the control, then you need to use a Serial-to-LAN adapter – like for example the Moxa NPort 5110A.  CIMCO DNC-Max can communicate directly with this device.

How do we upgrade the database from V7 to V8?
Upgrade from V7 to V8 is very similar to upgrade from V6 to V7. The major difference is the database, but everything is quite automated so there should be no problems.

We usually follow the following steps:

– Stop and remove all the V7 services (Network License Server, DNC-Max Service, Database Service …)

– Install V8 software.

– Start Software Manager (new License Server). Pretty straightforward, just select the license file and click start.

– Start Database Server: this is the important one. The database has changed from MySQL 3.23 to MariaDB 10 (MySQL 5.6) so it is a big jump. What we recommend is to copy the V7 database into the V8 folder, so the V7 database is untouched and we can easily go back to V7 if something fails.
So copy the folder C:CIMCONCBase7Datafiles to C:CIMCONCBase8Datafiles.
Then start Database Server V8. By default it will point to C:CIMCONCBase7Datafiles. Change that to C:CIMCONCBase8Datafiles, so the original V7 will not be modified.
Start the database server. It will prompt for creating a database backup. Click “No” (we have already saved the folder C:CIMCONCBase7Datafiles, so we can easily roll back to V7 without any backup).
Depending on how big the database is it can take a while to upgrade, and the Database Server may display “Not Responding” (but it is actually working, so do not stop it). When the upgrade is done you will get a message dialog saying “Database upgrade successful” or something similar, so wait for this dialog – do not close the database even if it is “Not Responding”.

– Start the DNC-Max Server. It will detect that a V7 installation is in place and will ask to import the settings (like from V6 to V7)

– Start CIMCO Edit. It will detect that a V7 installation is in place and will ask to import the settings (like from V6 to V7)

On the MDC Live Screen, is there any way of organising the machines in a particular order, e.g. to mimic the plant layout?
If you just want to sort the machines in the live screen using an order different than alphabetical order of the machine name, then you can use a machine variable to define the order that you want, display this value in the livescreen, and then sort the machines using this value.