CIMCO Edit Machine simulation to be released

Machine simulation – directly from within the world’s best NC Editor.

CIMCO Machine Simulation is a new CIMCO Edit add-on that helps protect CNC machines against errors and collisions, which at worst can result in high costs.

By enabling the simulation of common types of CNC machines in a virtual environment, movements between machine, tool, tool holders, fixtures, and peripheral devices (e. g. robots) can be considered so that collision-free machining is secured. That way, NC programs can quickly and continually be tested by the programmer in the office instead of on the machine, which ensures that parts are machined correctly the first time around, and often using less machining time.

In practice, the simulation can be run in fluent stages, to be taken down into slow-motion when critical parts have to be observed. Zoom in/out and navigate in 3D or go through the simulation step by step to analyze the reciprocally connected movements between machine, tool, holders, fixtures, and peripheral devices. In case of a collision, this is shown with a clear indication of what causes it.

  • Collision check between the machine’s parts and environment
  • Protects the CNC machine and other equipment
  • Reduces the number of tests on the machine
  • Reduces the number of scrapped parts
  • Enables simulation of the same NC program on multiple machines