New MDC-Max Web Client

At CIMCO we are working hard on a new implementation of the MDC-Max Web Client for use on tablets, smartphones and touchscreens.

The new Web Client is built on cutting edge web technologies and is lightning fast. As previously the interface is updated without the need for reloads since everything is handled in the background and pushed to the interface in real-time. However, the new backend is much faster and all devices, running the Web Client, can now be automatically refreshed when rolling out updates. Also, the interface itself has been completely redesigned for a modern look and feel and more importantly – improved usability on different size devices.

The upcoming release of the new MDC-Max Web Client will include new Operator and Live screens. Later we are adding a new feature called Dashboards along with the ability to view reports and charts directly in the Web Client. Ultimately, we want our customers to be able to easily access all the data from MDC-Max directly in the MDC-Max Web Client – from anywhere.

The following concept images show how the new Web Client will look when finished.

MDC-Max Operator Screen on tablet and smartphone (Concept)

MDC-Max Live Screen on tablet and smartphone (Concept)

MDC-Max Dashboards (Concept)