Shop Floor Screens for MDC-Max released

Get a bird’s eye view
of your entire shop floor

We are pleased to announce the release of Shop Floor Screens for the MDC-Max Web Client – released as part of CIMCO Software version 8.03.00.

With Shop Floor Screens you can get a bird’s eye view of your entire plant or departments and see the status of all your equipment based on where it is located. Shop Floor Screens enable you to monitor all your machines at once and clearly see at a glance what machines are running and where issues have arisen.

Access Shop Floor Screens on any device including desktop, tablet, mobile and TV. On touch enabled devices, a Shop Floor Screen is navigated with standard drag and pinch-to-zoom gestures – just like any maps app. Tap on any machine and an overlay with further machine data is shown instantly.


Shop Floor Screens provide an alternative way of representing the data normally displayed on Live Screens. As a result, when creating a new Shop Floor Screen, you must chose which Live Screen it should be based upon and the Shop Floor Screen will then use that configuration.

A background image in SVG format is also required. SVG is short for Scalable Vector Graphics and is an XML-based vector image format. The SVG format ensures that the image retains its sharpness when zoomed in.

Configuring a Shop Floor Screen can be done entirely in the Web Client by entering “Edit mode”. Insert, edit or remove machines. Drag machines into position and adjust their width, height and rotation – or change their appearance from rectangular to circular.

Licensing information

The MDC-Max Web Client requires a license per device/IP which includes access to Live Screens, Operator Screens and Dashboards.

Shop Floor Screens is an add-on and a one-time purchase that enables the feature in all web clients.

Download and contact

Download CIMCO Software 8.03.00 today or contact us for more information about MDC-Max and Shop Floor Screens.