Support for Subprograms coming to NC-Base

We are thrilled to announce that the next release of CIMCO NC-Base will include radically improved support for subprograms. A feature that enables users to configure relationships and dependencies between programs with many benefits as a result.

Some of the main benefits of subprograms are:

  • Individual logging of subprogram actions
  • Individual locking of subprograms which will reflect on all the programs depending on it
  • Easy replacement of a subprogram across multiple main programs while maintaining relevant logs for the subprogram
Easy search and selection of subprograms.

Setting up relationships between programs and subprograms can further be leveraged in the following ways:

  • When a subprogram is locked, the user is prompted to lock all programs depending on it
  • When the user sends a program from CIMCO NC-Base, subprograms can be automatically sent as well
  • When sending a program with the option to bundle subprograms, the action will be hindered by any locked subprograms
  • When copying program files to a local location, subprograms can be copied automatically as well
  • Export a list of subprograms upon which a program depends, or a list of programs which depend on a given subprogram
  • Warnings are given when deleting or otherwise making unavailable subprograms which are used in other programs
  • Populate a program file header with a list of all dependencies for easy reference from CNC or through program printing
  • Support for subprogram inclusion in remote requests

New comprehensive tools will be included for managing program relations, including:

  • Direct manipulation of list of subprograms for a given program
  • Direct manipulation of list of dependant programs for a given subprogram
  • Chained dependencies – A sub program can depend on other sub-programs, and any lock checks and transfer bundles will include all chained program dependencies
  • Drag&drop adding and duplication of program relations directly in explorer view

Deleting a program with associated subprograms causes dependency warning.

More information

CIMCO NC-Base product page