CIMCO 2023 released

The release of CIMCO Software 2023 marks the beginning of a new year of point releases that will bring you more features and enhancements throughout the year.

Last year, we launched the biggest update to the CIMCO product line in over two decades. It was a milestone for us and for our customers, but we didn’t stop there.

Throughout the year we have worked hard to keep delivering value, by releasing several new versions each month with improvements and new features across all products. Some of the highlights included:

  • New, ultra-fast simulation kernel for CIMCO Edit and Machine Simulation. This feature allows you to run complex simulations in a fraction of the time, saving you hours of work and boosting your productivity.
  • Support for new data exchange protocols. We added support for the latest standards and formats for data exchange to make it easier for you to import and export data from different sources and applications.
  • Support for working with Telemetry data. We integrated Telemetry data into MDC-Max, enabling you to access and analyze real-time data from sensors, devices and systems – to give you more insight into the performance and behavior of your products and processes, and help you optimize them for better results.
  • And much more. We also added many other features and enhancements to our software products, such as improved user interfaces, new analysis tools, bug fixes and security updates.

This week, we have released CIMCO Software 2023. This is not only a major update with the latest security fixes to all products across the suite, but also marks the beginning of a new year of point releases. That means our Maintenance customers can look forward to enjoying new features, improvements and innovations to the software they use in our product line throughout the year.

Release notes outlining key changes always accompany our releases. You can see the full list of more than 100 releases that contributed to the 2022 version up until 2023 by clicking here.

We are proud of what we have achieved in the past year, and we are excited about what lies ahead. We want to thank you for your continued support and feedback, which help us make our software products better every day.

Download and more information

CIMCO Software 2023 is available for download here. To learn more about the 2023 version and how to upgrade, please contact your local reseller or contact us directly.