CIMCO proudly presents the CNC Handbook

As a service to our many customers, especially within the educational sector, we are very happy to provide the CNC Handbook, a comprehensive work on the fundamentals in programming and operating CNC mills and lathes, including typical examples of parts, materials, tools, and fixtures.

New feature in CNC-Calc: Store parameters

It is now possible to save parameter sets in CIMCO CNC-Calc, and all the operation parameter dialogs have been changed so they have buttons for “Save Parameters”, “Load Parameters”, and “Reset”. The feature has been implemented in the latest version of CNC-Calc that is available for download with CIMCO Edit. now in Swedish

CIMCO Software is translated into a wide selection of languages, including Swedish. As a consequence of the increased attention from our Swedish customers we are happy to also present our homepage and main documentation in the Swedish language.

New CIMCO Edit video

We have uploaded a new video showing a few of the defining features in CIMCO Edit such as Backplot, File Compare, File Transmission and CNC-Calc.

New CIMCO MDC-Max video

Check out our latest MDC-Max video – Presented by Tim Collett of CIMCO partner, Cambridge Numerical Control. The video gives a great and simple overview of the capabilities of CIMCO MDC-Max.