CIMCO Edit 2024 Releases

CIMCO Edit 2024.01.05 PreviewReleased: 08-04-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.05
  • New: Improved stock simulation accuracy of 5 axis ball mill tools.
  • New: Machine builder automatically sets rotation axis direction from axis letter.
  • New: Optimized stock simplification.
  • Fix: Fixed wrong rotations in some cases when applying positive/negative tilt setting. (S20917)
  • Fix: Reverse post: supported comments before value/assignment when defining variable. (S18145)
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: added "Map letters" setting.
  • New: Stand-alone simulation mode can now toggle stock compare.
  • Fix: An issue where some turning tools would cut more material that intended in stock simulation.
  • Fix: A stock issue, where corners were sometimes chamfered off during simplification.
  • Fix: An issue where very certain helical arcs would become invalid.
  • Fix: Siemens probing cycle 977 rib measuring direction issue. (S20871)
  • Fix: Okuma Turning reverse post: "A" angle value support in G0/G1. (S20858)
  • Fix: Hurco reverse post: Set tool number max value to 999. (S20845)
  • Fix: Reverse post: issue with applying default works offset when no work offset calls in the program.
  • Fix: An issue where stock STL export would also be in millimeters.
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.04 PreviewReleased: 20-03-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.04
  • Fix: SolidWorks keyboard mapping in fast simulation mode. (S18735)
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post: supported cycles SLOT1, SLOT2. (S18959)
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: CYCL 414 measuring direction. (S20774)
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post: added LONGHOLE cycle support. (S18959)
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.03 PreviewReleased: 18-03-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.03
  • Fix: Rotary axis mode not setting correctly in some cases. (S20747)
  • Fix: Okuma reverse post: subprogram calls by number.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: approach point in cycle 409.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: Supported cycles 230, 231, 232. (S14296)
  • Fix: Fagor Turning reverse post: Supported J value in G68. (S20106)
  • New: Hidden model collisions can now be turned ON/OFF.
  • New: Tool/Workpiece collisions can now be checked during rapid moves only in collision report.
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.02 PreviewReleased: 11-03-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.02
  • New: Presentation mode. Export the current simulation to a file to be opened as a stand-alone simulation.
  • New: Tool Setup: Milling assemblies can now be set to a 270 deg. orientation.
  • Fix: An issue where custom tools by name in tool scanning would not work if the name contained white-spaces.
  • Fix: An issue where integration tool exports work origin would sometimes not be imported correctly when in inches.
  • New: Toolpath statistics graph: Showing information tooltip for selected point. Using "arrow" keyboard buttons for scrolling zoomed graph. (S17883)
  • New: Okuma Milling reverse post: Renishaw probing cycles support.
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.01 PreviewReleased: 04-03-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.01
  • Fix: An issue where rotational axis limits converted to MM when the machine was defined in inches.
  • Fix: Fanuc milling reverse post: G15/16 command support. (S20102)
  • New: Renishaw probing cycles support for Haas and Mazak milling reverse posts.
  • New: Fanuc Milling reverse post: Renishaw probing cycles support.
  • Fix: An issue where transparency didn't work in standard Backplot.
  • Fix: Roeders reverse post: Supported ".sub" program file extension.
  • New: Reduced stl export file sizes.