CIMCO DNC-Max Web Client

The DNC-Max Web Client is a modern, browser-based application that works on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV. Supports local/remote file transfers, file preview and port organization.

The DNC-Max Web Client is built from the ground up using state-of-the-art web technologies that provide a fast and responsive user experience with zero need for refreshing the browser. The client features a consistent look and feel that works across devices such as desktop, smartphone, tablet and TV. For optimal viewing or personal preference, the client supports both a bright and a dark theme which can be easily toggled directly in the client.


To achieve maximum screen space, which is critical on small devices, the client does not have any visible options. Instead, it presents a clean overview of groups, ports, and relevant information about each port such as its current status and active file transfers. The overview of ports can be used as digital signage and supports both full screen and the ability to hide the general top menu. Visibility and re-ordering of groups and ports can be configured directly in the client using drag-and-drop.

Adaptive menus

To perform an operation on a port, simply click (or touch) the port to select it and a menu appears on the right side of that port. The options in the menu adapts depending on the status of the port, so only relevant options are available. Also, only the most common options are directly available while less frequently used options can be accessed by clicking the […] option. This ensures a very clean interface, which is easy to understand and less prone to human error and wrong-clicking.

Operations such as Send, Receive, Log and Queue display an operation dialog with additional information. Operation dialogs always show the current port and status at the top where it can be seen at a glance. Clicking (or touching) the port in operation dialogs also reveals the port menu and allows you to quickly jump from one dialog to another, such as from the Queue to the Log.


The DNC-Max Web Client includes the following features:

  • Fast and responsive client
  • No browser refreshing or page reloading
  • Optimized for low bandwidth usage
  • Update from a central point (clients automatically reload new version on devices)
  • Fast switching between DNC-Max and MDC-Max Web Clients
  • Re-designed with bright and dark themes
  • Works across mobile, tablet, desktop, and TV
  • Adaptable menus
  • Drag-and-drop re-ordering and hiding of groups and ports
  • Initiate Send/Receive file transfers
  • Drag-and-drop re-ordering of queued file transfers
  • Suspend/Resume queued file transfers
  • Start, Stop or Restart port/machine
  • View transfer progress and status of ports/machines
  • View contents of files before sending
  • View port log