How to define custom screen and report translations for MDC-Max

MDC Screen and Report Translations

It is now possible to define custom translations for MDC-Max Live screens, Operator screens, Charts, and reports.


The translations can be set in the new “translations” dialog in both Live setup and Report setup.


The Translation list is automatically generated from all available Live and Operator screens.
When the Translation is set, it will apply the translation for the current MDC-Max client language, found in the Client Setup.


The Translation file is stored in the connected database, and will be available for all connected MDC-Max PC clients, as well as MDC-Max Web Clients.
In the MDC-Max Web Client, the language can be chosen on the front page

If a translation is not filled out for a string, the original (left side) string will be used.

Active Directory Integration for MDC-Max PC Clients.

The MDC-Max PC Client has been improved to integrate with an existing Active Directory, for use in  MDC-Max login.

To setup up Active Directory integration, go to System Setup -> User Setup.
Here, it is possible to associate Active Directory objects, like Groups and Users, to an MDC-Max user group.


The Active Directory Domain is automatically scanned, and provides an easy list to set and remove a link between Active Directory and a user group.


When using the Active Directory for login, first make sure the PC is connected to the Active Directory.
Second, set the MDC-Max Client configuration to allow Active Directory login


It is possible to use NC-Base users as a fallback, if the Active Directory is unavailable. This can be disabled by checking the “Disable NC-Base user login”.

Then, at the login screen, simply type your username and password.