Café CIMCO at Westec complete with IoT Keurig Machine

At this years Westec, in California, we thought it would be fun to try something different that might help us stand out at the trade show.

We wanted to give our booth guests a little something extra, so we brought the first of its kind: an Internet of Things data collecting Keurig (coffee) machine. We hooked it up to CIMCO MDC-Max and made a full blown Coffee Machine Data Collection installation (CMDC).

No more guessing how many cups of coffee were served at the booth, and much more importantly, reduce coffee machine downtime to an absolute minimum.

We themed the booth “Café CIMCO” and guests and passers-by were offered warm beverages and snacks. Many friends were made and many interesting discussions occurred at the Keurig machine as we served over 80 hot beverages during the course of the show, as noted by our MDC-Max Live Screen:

While the caffeine, water and snacks were a hit, it was clear that many of this year’s booth visitors brought more complex requirements and problems for us to discuss with them such as Industry 4.0, advanced ERP/software integration, traceability, Machine Data Collection with hardware such as 3D Printers, Hand Tools, etc., dealing with strict IT requirements around older operating systems and much more.

The needs and questions from our guests we believe are driven, at least partly, by substantial prosperity in US manufacturing. Luckily, we had a great crew on hand to answer questions, provide demos and start meaningful discussions about real world solutions to these needs.

From left to right: Pedro (CIMCO A/S), Wayne (CIMCO Americas), Joe H. (Managed Solutions), Asger (CIMCO A/S) and Joe J. (Shopware).

CMDC Version 2

Since the Westec show the CMDC has been significantly improved, here is a sneak peak of the latest version with a tray sensor, stack light, operator indicator light, cup sensor, boiler monitor and much more. For the full story and all the technical details, visit Managed Solutions website here.

Thank you to all who dropped by our booth at Westec, we look forward to seeing you next time!

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