Support for Brother and Hurco in CIMCO Machine Simulation

We are excited to announce that Brother and Hurco CNC controllers are now supported in the CIMCO Machine Simulation add-on to CIMCO Edit 2023, making it possible to fully simulate machines that utilize these CNC controllers.

CIMCO Edit 2023 and CIMCO Machine Simulation supports many of the largest and well known CNC controllers including Fanuc, Haas, Siemens, Mazak, Heidenhain, Okuma, and more.

Understanding Post processors and Reverse Post Processors

The creation of NC code can be made possible by post processors.

A post processor is essentially a translator that converts generic code, such as CL data (cutter location data), to NC code (numerical control code) for a specific control and machine. CL data is a generic representation of the toolpath that is independent of the machine or controller.

NC code is the code that contains the machine-specific instructions, such as G-codes and M-codes, that tell the machine how to move and perform the machining operations. The opposite of a post processor is a reverse post processor, which translates the NC-code for a specific controller to cutter location data that is required for backplot. When using machine simulation it also uses the selected machine configuration.

By supporting different types of reverse post processors, CIMCO Edit and CIMCO Machine Simulation can help users to edit, verify, and simulate their NC programs for various CNC machines and ensure that the quality and accuracy of the machining process is proved on your virtual machine prior to being sent to the physical machine.

More information

Please contact us to learn more about CIMCO Machine Simulation and the newly added support for Brother and Hurco controllers. Further information can also be found on these pages:

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