MDC-Max helps increase productivity at LPM Production

At LPM Production A/S they were never fully certain whether a given production would turn a profit.

LPM Production A/S have years of experience with turning and milling work. Until CIMCO MDC-Max was installed, however, they were never fully certain whether a given production would turn a profit or not – and when things did not go as planned it was often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.

A modern and inventive company

LPM Production is a modern and inventive Danish manufacturing company specialising in the component production of a wide range of metals and other materials. With 55 employees, LPM is also one of the leading companies within its field, and clients include international companies such as Kamstrup and Grundfos.

At LPM they are experts at sliding head turning, automatic metal twisting, 5-axis machining, and 3D measurement. They also help clients optimize their components by offering intelligent re-design to lower costs and manufacturing time without compromising functionality or quality.

Uncertainty in production

Despite having competent employees with years of experience, LPM were never fully certain whether a given production would turn a profit or not. Mostly, production would go as expected, but every now and then the result would be less satisfactory, and pinpointing the exact cause was difficult – if not impossible.

On the floor they were also facing some issues at the shifts. They would use yellow Post-Its, notes, and a quick word that “this or that isn’t running so well”.

Improvements over 20% with CIMCO MDC-Max

At LPM they knew something had to be done and initiated a process of optimizing their production. The solution became CIMCO MDC-Max – one of the leading manufacturing data collection systems on the market.

CIMCO MDC-Max was installed in the shop with 25 machines connected, and large screen monitors displaying the current status of every machine were mounted high where everyone could see them. At the machines, barcode readers were installed to register reasons for downtime and other relevant machine and operator states.

“We have seen improvements well over 20%. Because we can access and rework the data we receive from MDC-Max, we can adjust machine settings and make our machines run better.”

explains Henrik Jørgensen, CEO at LPM Production, and continues:

“We are able to break down our monthly result to see exactly which product has performed the best and which has performed the worst. We get the first impression already within the first 24 hours of running a new production on our machines – and from that we can focus our work towards getting more of the good and less of the not-so-good.”

“MDC-Max has been a great advantage especially in that it has enabled us to take on larger customers and process larger orders. In today’s situation, with fewer, larger orders, if something were to go wrong with an order, the consequences would be much more critical than two years ago when we had many small orders. So, MDC-Max has provided us with greater confidence and security”

says Henrik Jørgensen.

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